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Windhorse is the powerful spirit inside all of us capable of incredible power, hope and compassion. When we raise Windhorse we are evoking that power, allowing it to grow infinitely to help all beings.

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Windhorse Rising is a new organization founded on the basis of bringing real help to those who truly need it. Founded by two friends determined to make a difference, we realized that the work we were already doing all around the world could be combined and our dream was realized. Focusing on worldly problems overlooked and in the shadows away from the media we found a dire need for action in these neglected places deemed taboo. Supporting the mentally and physically disabled, those in addiction recovery, as well as children and animals suffering from abuse and homelessness, the possibility to make real changes became clear.

After seeing so many failed attempts to force change we realized things needed to be done differently, in a direct and transparent way. To fix the real problem at the root and not just apply a temporary band-aid was the only solution. To inspire change for generations to come. The people of Nepal are strong and resilient, never giving up and always showing great heart and determination. On their faces we found hope and joy, not desperation. Through renewable resources, training and education, but direct and necessary aid we will bring stability and support, but most importantly hope - back to those who need it most.




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